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General Terms of usage of SheffieldJobs.com

All users of the Sheffield Jobs official website are contractually bound by these Terms and Conditions and are advised to read them fully and carefully before proceeding to use services of the website. Failure to comply with any of the rules provided therein may result in immediate termination of user’s account and other protective or punitive measures aimed at continued operation of our platform in the interest of entire community of job seekers and recruiters.

Basic rules

Users will restrain from any form of illegal use of the website and its contents under any circumstances and agree not to use the website for any purposes other than those explicitly stated in our policy. By continued use of the website and its services, users assume full responsibility for their actions and accept all of our policies as stated in this document. In return, users are granted access to job seeking resources provided by the website and the right to utilize them for realization of their professional goals.

Sheffield Jobs will perform its obligations in good faith and according to good business practices, exercising a reasonable level of skills and competencies in the course of its daily operations. The website will also ensure that all security procedures are maintained at a high level; and that user’s data are handled with due diligence and protected by state-of-the-art technology. Sheffield Jobs reserves the right to change any part of the acting Terms and Conditions at any time without prior consultation with account holders, who will be informed about changes immediately through the official channels. The website also remains in possession of all user accounts and can take any action deemed necessary to protect user safety while respecting all applicable UK laws and regulations.

Account holders may be contacted by third parties without direct participation from Sheffield Jobs in relation with job openings relevant for candidates’ stated skills. Users are effectively granting permission for their data to be visible to selected third-parties when they upload their profiles into our workforce database, thus making themselves available to recruitment agencies and intermediaries acting on behalf of employers. The website guarantees that the process of third-party recruitment will be monitored and that any attempts of breach of Terms and Conditions by recruitment agents will be sanctioned by denial of access to data about candidates.

Each posting at the Sheffield Jobs website is limited to a single job opportunity, although recruiters are free to advertise multiple positions at the same time through separate postings. The job title and description should clearly indicate expected level of professional competencies and compensation and should not include false or exaggerated promises.

Privacy Policy

As a part of its regular activities, Sheffield Jobs will collect certain personal details from its users in order to ensure uninterrupted provision of its essential services. Such data may include contact details (e-mail address, telephone number…) that would be used to inform candidates about possible job openings and other types of information relevant fulfilment of the website’s objectives.

Candidates may also be asked to upload their CV’s, cover letters, references from former employers and other confidential documents that are important for recruitment purposes. Users agree to do this voluntarily and with full awareness of possible risks and rewards of such actions, effectively absolving Sheffield Jobs from any liability for possible security intrusions that are impossible to exclude any Internet-based platform. Provided information must be accurate and up to date, while individual users remain responsible for any consequences arising from their incomplete or inaccurate entry. Sheffield Jobs will not disclose, sell or otherwise compromise candidate’s personal information to third parties unless, in ways defined throughout the Terms and Conditions document or as required by the law enforcement agencies.

Recruiters are also required to present verified information about their businesses when opening their accounts with the Sheffield Jobs website. Information of this kind allows us to provide a level playground for all involved parties and to block fraudulent or unreliable recruiters from endangering best interests of the entire community. We also expect employers to provide complete and honest information about all aspects of the job openings they are advertising, as well as to follow standard formatting and correct spelling.


Optimal operation of our online platform requires collection of “cookies”, small files that contain information useful for automated identification of each user. These files are stored on user’s computer and may track actions the user takes during each session on the website, thus enabling us to understand user’s preferences and deliver a more precisely targeted, personalised service. By accepting our Terms and Conditions, users agree to receive cookies from Sheffield Jobs servers that will allow us to track different data through the system.

There are several different types of cookies, each serving a specific purpose. Session cookies are stored only in the short term and improve continuity of the user experience during a single visit to the website, preference cookies can be set by user’s choices (i.e. desktop vs. mobile), analytical cookies provide valuable statistics about our website’s performance and general trends in user behaviour, while third party cookies are generally used by advertisers to select relevant ads that will be displayed to each user.

Cookies are not an invasive type of software since every user can easily control which cookies are stored on his hard drive and for how long they stay there. The settings of the web browser regarding cookies can be easily and quickly adjusted, so that users can fully control how much of their actions they want to be visible to others.


All information presented at the Sheffield Jobs website is provided with the best of knowledge at the time of publishing and the website is not involved in active misinformation or misdirection. However, it is impossible to guarantee the veracity of each piece of stated information and the company bears no legal responsibility for results of actions based on interpretations of such information. Furthermore, Sheffield Jobs has no direct means of controlling, integrity of CV’s, references and other career details   claimed by candidates, and recruiters and advised to independently verify details for selected candidates whenever possible.

Disputes between candidates and employers/recruiters can’t be transferred or construed to be the responsibility of Sheffield Jobs and any demands for damages or compensation will be denied unless intentional malicious action can be substantiated by the claimants. However, the website will undertake all reasonable steps to prevent misunderstandings and provide guidelines for proper communication between parties on our platform.


All contents contained at the web site remain intellectual property of Sheffield Jobs, including textual material and graphic elements such as logos and images. Users are not allowed to remove, alter or inappropriately use any contents of the website without explicit permission, and this includes advertisements displayed on the site. Information gathered from the website can only be used for purposes stated on the website and any attempt at circumvention of this rule is strictly prohibited. Any duplication, broadcasting or distribution of copyrighted contents for personal or commercial purposes will be considered as a breach of agreement, and may be responded to with severe measures, including termination of cooperation and possible legal sanctions.

In case, any financial losses or damages of other type result, from unlawful use of the contents downloaded from the Sheffield Jobs website, the offending users will bear full responsibility for their actions.  Unauthorised posting of copyrighted materials owned by the third parties is one type of action that falls under this provision and users, are actively discouraged from violating intellectual property laws on our platform.